A Fan’s Non-Expert Take on the Bears Disappointing Loss to Panthers


Oct 5, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) reacts after an interception during the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Bears 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I needed to wait a day before I wrote. The only thing saving me from a total meltdown was the Detroit loss to Buffalo just moments after our game ended.

I really don’t know what to say. We were up 21-7 at one point and I started looking to our next opponent. I thought for sure we would win this one. Then the suspense kicked in. The inevitable Jay Cutler interception had not happened yet. They usually come when you start to feel confident. They almost always have a twin that follows, usually after you get a little breathing room and things are looking up again after the last one.

These ones had an unusual Matt Forte fumble on the side.

The twins and the fumble gave way to another loss. Just like the home opener, we should have won.

I’m tired of it.

Being on the cusp of greatness probably feels worse than just sucking. Are we on the cusp of greatness? I think so.

Are we going to get there?

No, not at this rate.

I am not an expert at football. Having said that, there are things that I can see that are dumb plays, so football minds, NFL head coach minds, should know are dumb plays. Predictable plays that I see that are run, so if I can see it, the other team should have no problem seeing it. My point is that I expect the coaching to be better than what I can do, and that really isn’t expecting a lot. It should really be better than any of us can do.

I am not liking the whole coaching staff right now. Games like this keep blown games of last season fresh in our minds. It stops looking like an isolated incident and starts looking like we can expect more blown games. Just when we are feeling great and already planning our playoff parties.


Is the defense better than last year? I think so. Is the offense better? Hell no. Special teams? Equally sucky. Don’t look now, we’ve got some consistency from special teams.

It’s like our offense and our defense sit on a level scale, and one can’t get better without the other one suffering.

I’m not mad at Cutler. I’m not mad at Forte.

Jay Cutler was what we thought he was, he never misrepresented himself. He is a guy that can take the team on his back, and win games. He throws picks and they are costly. It is the cost of him. I accept it.

Matt Forte is one of the league best at his position, and rarely fumbles. Yesterday was a big one though.

I think these things happen to the best, and they still win.

In the chess match that is the NFL, you need to outthink your opponent, and we have failed to do that.

You need to put your team in the best possible position to succeed, by playing all of their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses.

I think you might also need to be open minded. First you surround yourself with quality people, not people that never worked out well for anybody. Then you accept that your way might not be the best way to do something, another coach, or even a player, might have a better idea. Hell, even other writers on this site have some very good insight as to what ways to improve. I think we might have a little bit of stubbornness to read the writing on the wall by Trestman going on here.

I am just a fan, but I love the Bears like one would love their own children. You can’t just go pick another kid because they don’t act right.

All you can do, is love them and believe in them more than ever.

Sometimes, they have a way of surprising us all.