NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

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Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

55. Fended off the Jaguars on the road to stay alive in the AFC North race.  . Last Week. 20. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-2. 16. player

New Orleans Saints, 2-3. 15. player. 15. Are the Saints this bad or the Bucs that good?  Rallied for an OT win to avoid a 1-4 start.  Jimmy Graham’s injury could pose big problems going forward.. Last Week. 17

42. Jay Glazer reports that Jim Harbaugh won’t be back with the Niners next season.  Do they make a playoff push or fold?. Last Week. 14. San Francisco 49ers, 3-2. 14. player

13. player. 87. Let’s see what Cam Newton and Co. do against the Bengals after their comeback win over the Bears.   . Last Week. 12. Carolina Panthers, 3-2

26. Not enough to stop the surging Colts, the Ravens head to Tampa to face Mike Glennon and Vincent Jackson.  . Last Week. 09. Baltimore Ravens, 3-2. 12. player

08. Detroit Lions, 3-2. 11. player. 50. Pointing a laser pointer at the holder?  Seriously, Lions fans?. Last Week

Last Week. 11. New England Patriots, 3-2. 10. player. 47. Brady and Belichick make a statement in Prime Time. They head to Buffalo to try to take back the AFC East lead.

Last Week. 13. Dallas Cowboys, 4-1. 09. player. 123. Did you see that Dez Bryant catch to set up the game winning score? The 4-1 Cowboys head to Seattle to see how they stack up in the NFC.