Game Day Menu Week 6 – Bears at Falcons

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When thinking of Georgia, one imagines baskets of fresh peaches, barrels of unshelled peanuts and pecans and maybe even the infamous plantations of the Antebellum era. Think Scarlet O’Hara in

Gone with the Wind


Did you know that in Gainesville, Georgia, which is the Chicken Capital of the World, has is a law stating that you cannot eat chicken with a fork? This law makes sense since this state does annually host the International Poultry Trade show. And, yes, Georgia is the number one producer in the United States of peanuts, pecans and peaches.

Since the Italian side of my family is from the South, Mississippi specifically, I have been waiting for the Bears to continue their travels further south so we can cook this cuisine. I’ve not only found some fabulous recipes, but I’ve also found a few restaurants to visit if you happen to be wandering along the team’s route.

To start: No successful Southern menu would be complete without Sweet Tea. So here’s a way to start. If you want to make this tasty beverage even tastier, try adding bourbon or rum.

This recipe is from Mary Mac’s Restaurant in Atlanta; this is one of a few places you may want to visit if you are in town.