A Fans Non-Expert Take on the Bears Win Over Falcons


Oct 12, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) celebrates with an assistant coach after their win over the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. The Bears won 27-13. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Hell Yeah! That is what the Bears are supposed to play like! The final score 27-13.

It only takes one game like that to cheer me right up. Offense was a little sluggish at first, but came through the way we expected them to play this year. Atlanta is not an easy place for anyone to go and win, and our Bears did it.

Defense played so well, I wish we could keep all the same guys on the field. Is that wrong to say? Not pointing any fingers, but it seemed to me that they played like a unit. They were upbeat and they played hungry.

They pressured Matt Ryan and made him uncomfortable. They added another loss to his stellar home record. Disregard last season, and he had not lost very many in the Georgia Dome.

Our offense made plays they needed. All of them were involved. Forte was reliable. Martellus Bennett made a few key plays, and our WR duo Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey proved that they are the best tandem in the league.

Like our defense, our offense played like they were a unit. They finally gelled.

I saw Jay Cutler play in top form, even though he took a couple mean hits. He threw the ball away a few times, and I even saw him go to the ground rather than get rammed by two defenders towards the end of the game. No picks. This was smart Jay. This was keep your head Jay. I like this Jay.

This Jay can go places. This Jay is worth his contract. This Jay knows that he has so many playmakers, all he has to do is avoid the mistakes, and there is no stopping us.

Bears fans were live in the Dome! Did you hear them making noise on third down for the Falcons?

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We now sit at .500 and I feel pretty good moving forward. Miami almost beat Green Bay and blew it in the last minute.

God, I hate Aaron Rodgers. Why?

Because he’s so damn good. He’s clutch as can be and he’s not going anywhere. I’d like to discount double check his ass to another division.

My neighbor asked how I was doing the other day and I told her not well. She asked why, and I told her that my Bears have lost two weeks in a row. She said that I might have to change teams. I don’t think she really knew what she was implying because she is not a football fan. They are a really nice couple and have no children, but they do have a dog they are pretty fond of.

I wanted her to know the gravity of what she was saying so I told her, “That’s like me saying you should get a better dog, that your dog is no good.” with the most tact I could muster.

Sticking and staying is what being a fan is all about. Browns fans deserve to enjoy their wins big time. They are the best example I have of unconditional love for a team.

I will be a Bears fan until I die. The joy one feels after a game like this one is earned on the field by our players and meant to be enjoyed by the fans that have suffered through the losses.

We still have plenty of season left, and I am skeptical as anyone of you. We have been up and down this year a couple of times already. It has been a slightly manic depressive, (or is it schizophrenic?) season if you ask me. We just have to enjoy a win like this when it happens. As a fan, you have earned it. Hell, you earned it last week in Carolina.

So, just for today, I think the Bears will be fine……….. and my neighbor’s dog will be fine too.