Chicago Bears Week 6 Film Session: Jeffrey Bomb, Forte TD

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Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

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After not registering a touchdown in the second half the previous two weeks, the burden was on the Bears offense to execute in the second half. They were able to put points on the board after just a three play drive in the 3rd Quarter. Let’s take a look at the two plays that helped score the touchdown.

Alshon Jeffrey 74 yard catch

Game situation: 2nd down and 10 at the Bears 20 yard line (3rd Quarter 6:14 left)

Personnel: 12 (1 RB, 2 TEs, 2 WRs)

Defense: Cover 4

Offensive scheme: Play Action Corner-Deep Over (Yankee Route)

Rosario motions into the backfield for an I Formation look, while Marshall and Jeffrey both align in reduced splits to either side. This is a Play Action pass as the Bears are essentially running just a two man route combination as seven stay in to block and Forte leaks into the Flat. Therefore, Cutler gets great protection as the line only needs to block four Falcon defenders and he can target Jeffrey on the deep Corner route.

The Falcons look to be in a 4 Deep shell (each DB responsible for 1/4 of field) with the SS (Ishmael) using more of a flat foot read at the snap. This becomes a problem for the Falcons secondary after missteps by the FS (Lowery) and CB (Trufant). Ishmael turns to run with Jeffrey after he stems his route up the field, but look at Trufant as he stops his feet and watches Marshall drag across the middle of the field. Marshall also garners the attention of Lowery as he stops gaining depth on the play.

Jeffrey can now break his route to the corner and with Trufant biting on Marshall’s route, the deep 1/4 is now open. Ishmael does not stay with Jeffrey as he peaks backward instead of staying in stride with the receiver. Jeffrey has to spin after making the catch, allowing Ishmael to catch up and make the tackle before he can reach the end zone.