Chicago Bears Week 6 Film Session: Jeffrey Bomb, Forte TD

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Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

On the very next play, the Bears use a trap scheme to spring Forte into the end zone. This is actually the same play Forte scores on in the 4th Quarter for the final dagger.

Matt Forte 6 yard TD run

Game situation: 1st down and Goal at the Falcons 6 yard line (3rd Quarter 5:11 left)

Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs)

Defense: Cover 1

Offensive scheme: Inside Trap

The Bears align in a 2×2 formation with Cutler in the shotgun and Forte offset to his right. The Inside Trap is a quick hitting play that is supposed to give the running back a small lane up the middle of the field. The offensive line will get down blocks from Garza, Long, and Mills against the NT, MLB, and SLB, respectively. The key block is Slauson on the DT as the defender charges up the field unblocked before getting sealed outside by Slauson. Ola invites the DE up the field to keep him out of the play and Bennett releases from the line to draw the attention of the FS. Also, the the DE on the strong side is actually unblocked as he releases up the field, but Forte hits the hole quickly.

The play is executed perfectly as Forte gets a lane up the middle because of the trap block from Slauson and the down blocks from Long and Mills. It is now up to the FS (Lowery) to fill the alley and cut down Forte before he can reach the end zone.

Lowery meets Forte before the goal line, but tries to tackle him up high. Forte lowers his pad level to power through the defender and drag him into the end zone for the score.