Darryl Sharpton Goes from No Name to Big Game for Chicago Bears

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Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears had an inside track to get Sharpton with his former position coach Reggie Herring holding down the same role for the Bears.  That familiarity not only helped the Bears scout Sharpton, but helped get him up to speed to play middle linebacker and call the defense within just three weeks.

"“He’s a guy that will knock himself out until he gets hurt. He also bailed me out when Cushing got hurt and he started games for us and did well. It has never been an issue about ability, want to, capability, it’s just can he stay healthy. Some guys are like that because they are frail and they are just not physical or mentally tough. This guy, the reason he hasn’t been healthy, is because he is so physical, he is aggressive, his body type, that is why he was a great ‘know all positions, back everyone up, get us through a game, play some special teams’ guy, whereas if he ever was a starter we were concerned about his longevity and playing every down.”"

Sharpton’s strong showing raised comparisons between the “no names” and what lies ahead with regular starters at Monday’s press conference with Marc Trestman.

"“We only played with the guys we had yesterday,” Trestman said. “I can’t make that comparison because those guys didn’t play yesterday.”"

The way Sharpton played Sunday, he’s earned an opportunity to get on the field more and is certainly earned the right to be known as more than a “no name” linebacker.

Welcome to the Chicago Bears Darryl Sharpton.