Tailgate Menu Week 7 – Bears vs Dolphins

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Upon thinking about the Miami Dolphins where they have beautiful weather most days of the year, compared to our temperamental conditions, I’ve thought about a variety of references to their home city. Having never visited this southeastern tip of Florida before, I had to reach out to what I know about this location from popular culture.

Reference Number One: Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine
Who did not love this band when they broke out in the mid-80’s. You know, the time when MTV did play music television all the time?

Reference Number Two: The Golden Girls
Yet another 1980’s reference, this time to four of the funniest women around, The Golden Girls. If you didn’t recall, the girls lived in Miami, and in one episode Rose and Dorothy wrote a song about their beloved city.

Reference Number Three: Dexter
Need I say more? What is there not to love about this blood splatter police expert who is also a serial killer? I do have to say that the Jeff Lindsay books are better than the series.
Here’s an article about the filming locations of the show around Miami.

Reference Number Four: Desi Arnaz
In addition to Gloria Estefan, here is a second Cuban whom had caught my attention during my childhood in the form of a third show called I Love Lucy – Desi Arnaz. What else more can be said about Cuban Pete, the original version, the best version, before Jim Carrey gave his interpretation in The Mask?