Tailgate Menu Week 7 – Bears vs Dolphins

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To Eat: Slow Cooked Cuban Sandwich

Have you figured out what I just adore about this recipe? It’s cooked in the slow cooker. I am a huge fan of placing a pork shoulder in one of these, smothering it with cumin, oregano, two kinds of pepper, garlic and fruit juices, and then walking away knowing that the rest is taken care of until six hours later when it’s time to eat. Once the pork is done, shred it, and place it on a crusty roll slathered with mustard, and then topped with Swiss cheese, ham, pickles and red onion. This can be done before hand and individually packed in foil for the tailgate.

To Finish: Cheesecake Flan and Chocolate Chile Cake

Cheesecake Flan
Since Flan is a Mexican and English dessert, if you didn’t know, this recipe takes an American dessert of the cheesecake with the Mexican recipe that calls for caramelizing sugar. I would recommend making these in disposable foil tins so everyone can have their own portion. Then the big eaters can have two or three of these.

Chocolate Chile Cake
If you and your company like their sweet with a bit of spice, I came across this flourless chocolate cake that calls for two spices: cinnamon and cayenne pepper. This recipe really couldn’t be made into individual portions, so plan to bring the pan to the game to serve.

Whether you’ve been to Miami or not, this menu is sure to provide the flavor of the Cuban influences right in Chicago. Just ignore the fall weather by imagining the sounds of the sea and your bare feet in the sand.