A Fan’s Non-Expert Take on the Chicago Bears Loss to Dolphins


Oct 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) throws a pass against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Miami Dolphins defeat the Chicago Bears 27-14. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Final score Miami Dolphins 27, Chicago Bears 14.

Too little too late. Defense performed OK in the first half and had some nice stops. I still think they should have kept all the players from last week on the field. D.J. Williams and Shea McClellin were back from injury, but I can’t help thinking they were better off with Darryl Sharpton and Christian Jones, Khaseem Greene being the only one starting this week from the trio that dominated in Atlanta.

Ryan Tannehill played very well, he deserves credit.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed. Losing at home is bad, but it’s really about a lack of continuity that bothers me. We look like we are unstoppable one week, choke artists the next.

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This season is going to come down to the wire across the league. As of me writing this, no team has more than 5 wins.

Let’s say we win all of our away games, there are 4 more. Then let’s say we “steal” 3 or 4 of our home games. 11-5. I know it sounds crazy, but it is possible.

Don’t think that we can’t go into Foxborough and beat the Patriots. The Packers are the toughest away game remaining.

Our remaining home games are Vikings, Bucs, Cowboys, Saints, Lions.

Bucs is ours, Vikings too. The rest are better, but they are dome teams coming into windy Soldier Field in the cold. Bears win those games.

You might think I’m just a delusional fan trying to make myself feel better.

You would be right.

It still doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I just saw the Rams beat the Seahawks and the Jags get their first win against the red-hot Browns.

That’s just how weird this year is, I just said red-hot Browns and you probably didn’t even flinch.

I could have complained and asked for a new coach, trashed our players, or even the fans that booed.

Then I did a quick gratitude check.

My life is better than I could have ever imagined.

No team has won more than 5 games.

I have a boy that will be three years old on Tuesday, and he is the best.

The Bears are headed in the right direction, it’s just painful to watch.

I’m going on vacation during the bye week, to beautiful Colorado. My first vacation, since the bye 2010, when I got married in Aruba.

We are making progress on defense, we couldn’t even stop the run last year.

I have friends and family that I care about, and they care about me.

The season’s not even half over, I will take this over our 7-3 or 7-1 starts to our season any day, you remember how those turned out.

Pain is how I grow, losses are painful. I have to think that has to be the same for our players.

It’s funny how I don’t take the time to appreciate all that is good in my life until I am met with adversity.

When things are going great, you don’t tend to look further for bright spots.

Bears fans cheer up. If it hurts you as much as it hurts me, do the unexpected. Give someone a hug. Make dinner for your friends or family. Play with your kids. Tell someone you love them, even if you think they know it already.

These are the things I wouldn’t be writing if we won.

So there’s that.