Bears Lack Fire and Consistency in Loss to the Dolphins

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Oct 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Jeremiah Ratliff (90) looks on during the first half at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Poise. Fire. Consistency.

During Sunday’s game vs the Miami Dolphins, it certainly seemed as though the Bears were lacking in all three.

The Chicago Bears are a flawed team just like every other team in the NFL. The problem with the Bears is their current lack of a clear cut identity. They are not consistently good, nor are they consistently bad; you just don’t know what team is going to show up to play.

Are the Bears an offensive team that just needs to get on track with an average defense or is this a team with great players who are not fitting together very well? Are they mistake/turnover prone the team that played against the Packers, Bills, Panthers and Dolphins or the disciplined one that played against the 49ers, Jets and Falcons?

At least with Lovie Smith‘s Bears we knew the defense would be good/great and the offense would be mediocre.

Game Plans Questions

I am curious as to why there were only four running plays called in the 1st half. I realize the Bears only ran 18 plays (with 3 punts) and the Fins d-line is pretty good against the run but four? Really? I also get that QB Jay Cutler has been given the opportunity to audible; it just makes me wonder if the Bears thought the passing game would be much more effective than it was.

CB Cortland Finnegan and CB Brent Grimes are both listed at 5′ 10 and 190 lbs. Both are also former Pro Bowlers. They were able to keep 6′ 4 230 lbs WR Brandon Marshal and 6′ 3 216 lbs WR Alshon Jeffery in check for the most part. It is never a good thing when your top two stud receivers have eight catches for 57 yards and zero scores combined.

I really do not like Cortland Finnegan. He is a borderline dirty player and he talks way too much trash, but, he is effective. At least he was this game. The 4th down incomplete pass to seal the game when Finnegan and Marshall “got tangled up”; Finnegan trapped Marshall’s foot against his body and wouldn’t let it go. Marshall turn and pushed him out of (justified) frustration. I’m impressed Marshall didn’t do more to him.