Bears Lack Fire and Consistency in Loss to the Dolphins

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Oct 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) celebrates with Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long (75) after scoring a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins in the second half of their game at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Great teams do not happen over night. This team is still coming together. Some games are better than others and Sunday’s game was not a good one; it was a learning opportunity. Last week everyone was singing a different tune and the Bears were headed to the playoffs, this week it’s time to fire the coaching staff and blow up the roster; fans seemed to think Trestman was going to come in and fix Cutler’s problems in one season, but we all need to realize that habits are difficult to break. Cutler has been doing what he does in the NFL for 7 years before Trestman got a chance to work with him last year.

It takes time!!!!

Jay Cutler has improved but he is still Jay Cutler. He will make throws that make your jaw drop then make throws that make you want to throw something at the TV (and sometimes actually throw something at the TV).

The Bears did not play a solid game against the Dolphins but their season is not over and they are not far back from the Packers and the Lions (2 games is big but not insurmountable just ask last year’s Lions).

I am grateful this is the last read-option team we will see until the playoffs, and I expect the team to continue to have an up and down season because of growing pains. Be prepared for a bumpy ride for the rest of the season; the Bears will lose to teams they shouldn’t and beat teams they shouldn’t. That is life in the NFL.

As a side note: Lovie Smith was exactly 16-16 after two years as HC of the Bears; can we not give Trestman a chance?

What do you think Bears fans? Am I drinking too much blue and orange kool aide?  Is the coaching staff losing the locker room after less than two seasons? Is it time to make some wholesale changes to the coaching staff and/or the players? Is the season lost or can it be salvaged? Comment below!