Brian Urlacher Rips Jay Cutler


Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There’s never been any love lost between Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler.  During an appearance on The Game Chicago, Brian Urlacher rips Jay Cutler and good.

"“We say it every year how talented Jay is … how much talent,” Urlacher said during an interview on the “Kap and Haugh Show” on WGWG-FM (87.7). “But the NFL is not a talent contest. It’s a winning contest. You want to win football games, that’s what it comes down to.“If your quarterback can’t make plays in certain situations for you to win games, he’s not getting the job done.”"

Let’s not suggest that Urlacher is at all bitter about getting a lowball deal last season and decided to limp off into the sunset while Cutler got the full boat backed up to his locker, but when asked about whether or not Cutler is an elite quarterback, #54 had this to say:

"“Financially, he is one of the elite guys in the NFL. You look at his contract, he was paid like an elite quarterback, if I am not mistaken. He just hasn’t produced like an elite quarterback.“You look at the guys … the Bradys, the Mannings, the Rodgerses, the Breeses … those guys win every year. Even with no one around them. (Aaron) Rodgers has no offensive line, he wins. (Tom) Brady has no receivers, he wins. You look at Jay, he’s got Brandon (Marshall), Alshon (Jeffery), Matt (Forte) and a great offensive line … Martellus Bennett … and they can’t seem to put it together for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s his fault, but for some reason they can’t seem to figure it out.”"

Urlacher doesn’t leave much wiggle room there.  I think we all know where he stands.  Could his old chums on defense like Lance Briggs and Peanut Tillman be that far off in their opinions?