A Piece of Belichick: Chicago Bears at Patriots

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If there is one coach in the NFL that I have a sort of crush on, it’s the New England Patriot’s Head Coach, Bill Belichick. I am inspired by this long-time head coach to create a classic game-day menu for the Chicago Bears at Patriots.

He caught my eye during the 2012 Super Bowl when I discovered that he wore the same sweatshirt every game. By the end of that season, I was confused since I know he has money, so why couldn’t he just buy a new sweatshirt to wear to every game? Then I realized that he is superstitious; superstitious to the point that he gave specific instructions on how this sweatshirt should be cleaned.

Then The Onion did a piece on him, and I could not help but laugh out loud. Since then I have admired and realize that Belichick is a dedicated coach. So to pay tribute to this Eastern seaboard team, and their coach, here’s this week’s meal plan.


Apples on Horseback

This simple starter takes pancetta, apple and Manchego cheese into individual bundles. Very simple, yet very tasty. Pair this appetizer with a Tempranillo wine.

Crab Cake Johnnycakes

Now this starter maybe a little over the top, but it combines the flavors of the Northeast into one lovely bite. First the crab cakes are light and flavorful with horseradish, Dijon mustard, cayenne powder and green onions. The johnnycakes are made from the traditional cornmeal and flour blend, but with a touch of honey for sweetness. If you wan to take this appetizer over the top, make the hollandaise; if you’re not a fan, leave it on the side or omit it completely.