A Piece of Belichick: Chicago Bears at Patriots

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Lobster Roll and Potato Chips

Now I have read and researched my fair share of lobster roll recipes. Usually they are more mayonnaise and filler than lobster, but this one creates a lovely balance. If you are too timid to cook your own lobster, ask the fishmonger at your local grocery store if they can prepare them for you. Naturally, I would recommend making your own potato chips, but if you’re not up for it, be sure to pick-up a kettle-cooked brand since these are cooked using a similar process as what’s in the recipe.


Boston Crème Pie from Flour Bakery

If you ever happen to be in Boston, please do yourself the favor and stop by one of Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery locations. Not only does she have four restaurants, but she has two cookbooks that I can highly recommend if Boston is not in your plans.

Of course, what came against New England would not be complete without a traditional dessert like Boston Crème Pie, which is really a cake.

Chang takes the traditional recipe and updates this classic. She updates the sponge cake and infuses it with a coffee-sugar syrup. Then, she adds a pastry cream to fill-in the syrup-soaked cake, and after these layers are arranged, the entre cake is drenched with a ganache. Change has never let me down on any of her recipes I have made, and even though this one takes time, your efforts will be well rewarded.

Hopefully, our Bears will have made efforts that can be well-rewarded, like with this Boston Creme Pie.