Bears vs Patriots: Keys to a Chicago Bears Victory

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Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Hand over the Keys to the Car

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As our friend Decon guest wrote, it’s time for Tresie to Take the Wheel.  After halftime last week, Trestman cut down on some of quarterback Jay Cutler’s options and choreographed the Bears offense as he envisioned it, regardless of the fronts and what the defense appeared to be giving the Bears.  The first drive after the half was probably the best Bears drive of the game.  It featured a balanced attack and a good dose of Matt Forte.

It’s time to hand over the keys to car from Jay Cutler to Matt Forte.  Forte is arguably the Bears best and most consistent weapon on offense.  He’s a dual threat either on the ground or through the air.  Forte is leading the league in receptions, including all wide receivers too.  He’s on pace to have over 100 catches and over 1000 yards rushing and receiving.

The Patriots are the 24th ranked rush defense.  They’ll also be without Jarod Mayo, their best linebacker.  Vince Wilfork is still a load, but he’s not the same Vince Wilfork of a couple of years ago.  The more the Bears can run the ball and win time of possession, the less we see of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.