Bears vs Patriots: Keys to a Chicago Bears Victory

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Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Get off the Island

Revis Island can be a lonely place and plenty of wide receivers have gotten stuck on Revis Island.  If Jay Cutler gets stubborn, I’m afraid he’s going to get stuck on that island while trying to prove that Darrelle Revis has lost a step.  It’s most likely that Revis will line up opposite Brandon Marshall, which could leave Alshon Jeffery with Brandon Browner who’s just getting back into the swing of things after serving a four-game suspension and coming off a minor ankle injury.

The Bears have faced a lot of zone coverages this season, which has seemed to stymie Marc Trestman’s offense.  The Patriots have cornerbacks who are good enough to plan man coverage.  If Cutler sees man coverage, it’s a concern that they might try to exploit that regardless of who is defending.  For the Bears to win, they can’t get hung up on Revis Island.