Backs Against Da Wall: Bears – Patriots Preview

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When your team has an established head coach and quarterback, as well as consistent playoff appearances, fans tend to have more

Oct 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) reacts after a touchdown during the second half at Soldier Field. Miami Dolphins defeat the Chicago Bears 27-14. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

faith in their team’s ability – something that we would know nothing about in Chicago. After reading through many Patriot sites, blogs and predictions, there is no doubt that confidence is sky high in New England against a reeling Chicago Bears team. There’s a ton of confidence that Tom Brady and company will move the ball without any issues and little respect for the Bear defense – deservedly so. One name that keeps popping up, however, is Willie Young. After that, there’s a relaxed feeling offensively for the Pats.

Defensively, for the first time all year in putting together these Behind Enemy Lines posts, there’s little fear in the Bears’ huge duo of wide receivers. It’s clear that our opponent’s fans and local media do not believe that Jay can beat them. Matt Forte seems to be the biggest focus coming from New England.

My Prediction

In the NFL and in life, you must be able to overcome adversity to succeed. There’s a ton coming into this game for the Bears – can they rise up with a huge upset?

One of the most alarming stats is that the Bears offense is 29th in the league in plays over 20 yards. 29TH!!!!!!!! How can that be possible with the offensive fire power that they have? On the other side, New England is 4th best in the league giving up plays of 20+ yards. I think that New England will be able to limit the big play as this is another very good secondary that the Bears are facing. If the Bears defense had trouble with Ryan “Joe Montana” Tannehill, how in the world will they stop Tom Brady?

Well, I think that they can and I think that they will. Call me crazy, but the New England area is taking this game very lightly and almost no one thinks that the Bears have a shot in this game. That is a great position to be in and the Bears have shown that they can rise up above some adversity. I think that the Bears use Matt Forte to control the clock and use some trickery as well in this game. The front seven of the Patriots is reeling from injuries to some very key players that include Jerrod Mayo and now Chandler Jones. I think that the Bears can control the line of scrimmage, keep Brady off of the field and get the upset.

The keys to victory:

1. Run the ball!

2. Control Gronkowski (the Bears have been terrible against tight ends this year)


Bears 23, Patriots 21

Enjoy the game, keep the faith in your team and…….BEAR DOWN!!!!