Chicago Bears Week 8: Takeaways

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6.) Rob Gronkowski being covered by Shea McClellin is the biggest mismatch in NFL history

He couldn’t cover mediocre Dolphins TE Charles Clay last week, what were the odds he could cover Gronk? If allowing this match-up isn’t enough of a reason to get rid of Mel Tucker, I don’t know what is.

7.) Is Brandon Marshall still hurt or just old?

When was the last time Brandon Marshall was open? I’m joking (sort of), there was at least 1 play I can think of that Marshall created separation before being overthrown by Cutler, but for the most part over the last three games Marshall always seems to have a defender draped all over him. When he was recovering from injury it was understandable, but it’s been two weeks since Marshall appeared on an injury report and he still can’t get open. He’s never been a burner, but he’s always been able to get open and lately he can’t shake even old, slow DBs like Cortland Finnegan and Brandon Browner. Marshall is 30 years old so it’s possible it could just be age catching up, but he clearly doesn’t look like the same player his did last season.

8.) The Bears pass rush was non-existent 

The Bears got a late game sack by Houston (ugh) on the Pats back-up QB Jimmy Garroppolo, but only got 1 hit and 1 pressure on Brady over the course of the game and nothing in the first half when the game was still competitive. The Pats have allowed an average of 10 QB pressures + hits per game on Brady but the Bears can only get 2 all game? Pathetic. I’m not going complain as much as I usually do about Mel Tucker because I noticed multiple scheme changes and different blitz types, but nothing worked. That to me is a problem with the players more than the coaching staff. I still think Tucker should be canned, but for once the blame lies elsewhere.

9.) Somebody buy Al Louis-Jean a beer

Rookie CB Al Louis-Jean turned 21 years old this season, he only played in 8 games in his college career, and was playing significant NFL defensive snaps for the first time… so please give him a break. There is no reason ALJ should be on the field this soon since he didn’t even make the team out of training camp. ALJ is a former 5-star recruit out of high school (3 years ago) who has great size (6’1, 200) and a world of talent, but is understandably raw and probably needs a year or two before he is ready to contribute in the NFL. Hopefully one of the veterans on the team tell him to keep his head up because I’d hate to see the kid’s confidence shattered by the lesson Tom Brady gave him today. ALJ allowed 7 catches for 87 yards and a TD but is far from the only defensive player who deserved blame on Sunday.

10.) I’m embarrassed to be a Bears fan right now

This sucks. With all the talent on the Bears roster I thought this was a 10-win, legit playoff squad. In reality the Bears will be lucky to win 8 games. I mentioned the Bears offensive talent edge earlier and they have enough talent on defense to be decent as well but time is running out for them to turn it around. Despite having the talent to be a playoff caliber team, the Bears are not only losing but losing so badly that I am getting texts from non-Bears fans making fun of my team and my mom worrying about my sanity. It seems like every week there are 2-3 plays that are on Sportscenter for all the wrong reasons. In Carolina we had the 79-yard fumble/punt return TD, last week it was the Cutler fumble & interception and McClellin falling down on a TD catch, this week the Cutler fumble, Gronk destroying the Bears secondary, and the Houston celebration / injury… It is a tough time to be a Bears fan.