A Fan’s Non-Expert take on the Chicago Bears at Mid Season

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My License plate this Season

So far, it has been, but not in a good way. This is my license plate this year. I moved to Ohio and I lost my awesome CHIBEARS and had to get CH1BEAR. To top that off, Ohio requires you to pay every year for personalized, WV is a one-time fee.

Our offense has had issues clicking the way it did last year. Flashes. That’s all we get. Our “best in the NFL” WR tandem started off injured, and have not been themselves ever since. After Alshon Jeffrey’s breakout season last year, I counted my blessings that we have not 1, but 2 franchise receivers. Bears have never had that.

Also, Matt Forte is the best RB for the Chicago Bears since “Sweetness.” What more could you ask for?

Defense is improved, but that is not saying much. Just like all of you, I was amazed at the way they played in Atlanta. I thought they were fixed. Capable and reality are two different things. Capable is what we know they are. Reality is how it translates on the scoreboard. At least they have gotten better against the run, that’s very important.

Nobody is scared of the Bears defense this year, except Chicago Bears fans. As Bears fans we are not used to that. Nor, should we get used to it.

Say what you want, but I miss the hell out of Urlacher.

So here we are at midseason and it could go either way. The Lions lead us by 3 games, but I looked at their schedule and I’m hoping they drop the next 4 games. They play, Dolphins, Cardinals, Patriots and us. It is possible for them to lose all of those.

The Packers are our next game. SNF. Beating them could work wonders for us. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. It could be just what the doctor ordered. They still have to face the Eagles, Patriots, and Bills. 2 or 3 losses for them hopefully.

I normally wouldn’t address the Vikings, but since they won on our bye, and leaped over us, I have to. Hopefully Jared Allen summons his “quarterback killer” mentality for them, and we beat them. Looking ahead on their schedule, the only game that I think they’ll win is against the Jets, give or take 1 or 2. We will come out on top of them sooner than the Lions or the Packers.

Is all of this possible? Yes.

I forgot the most important part to all of this…………

We have to win our games.


P.S. I also want to thank all of you that comment on here. I am not some unreachable, fancy pants sports writer. I read all of your comments and what you have to say is important to me. I will reply back to you. BearGogglesOn.com wants to be your source for Chicago Bears news.