Chicago Bears at Packers: Revenge Menu

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From Food and Wine

This game marks the revitalization of the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry that has been around since 1921. It is with high hopes that, this time around, our boys in white show up and bring a win back home. So here’s a game day menu that serves revenge, which is not best served cold when it comes to actually eating food. This Chicago Bears and Packers revenge menu is one that highlights Midwestern foods, smothered in cheese, as the Bears travel to Lambeau Field to get those Cheeseheads.

Beer Cheese Soup

If there’s one dish that combines favorites, it’s this one. What happens when a cook takes cheese, a velvety aged yellow cheddar, a blond or pale ale beer and some a butter? It’s this soup. Amy Thielen rounds this soup with half-and-half, Worcestershire sauce and even a dash of hot sauce. I suppose instead of topping this soup with goat cheese you could use crispy crumbles of bacon.

From Food Network by Gina and Patrick Neely

Stuffed Flat-iron steak or Grilled Flank Steak with Gorgonzola Sauce

I couldn’t make up my mind on which type of steak dish to serve. So, I found two really great ones. The first one, the stuffed steak, takes a little more time to prepare than the grilled steaks with the cheese sauce. The stuffing that goes into the steak combines: crusty bread, prunes, pancetta, chestnuts and pecorino cheese. Once this mixture is rolled into the steaks, they are seared and then braised in the oven for 25 additional minutes. The second dish doesn’t take much time at all; grill a few steaks and make the sauce that blends heavy cream and Gorgonzola cheese with a little bit of butter and shallots. Either dish is so simple, so delicious.