Chicago Bears at Packers: Revenge Menu

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From Food and Wine

From Food Network by Amy Thielen

Crispy Cheese Curd Risotto Cake

For a simple side, and one that provides something different than a baked potato, this risotto cake gives a new purpose for rice. Once Arborio rice is cooked, it is mixed with white cheese, curds if you can get, and Parmesan cheese into little fried patties.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust

Did you know that this combination of apple pie with cheddar, be it a simple slice of cheese on the top of the pie, or even this one that has the cheddar in the crust, is from the Renaissance? Apparently, this combination was reserved for the wealthy since this combination was thought to aid in digestion.

For those of us who are new to this tradition, this dessert takes an easy approach at eating a daring combination. With only a cup of cheddar cheese incorporated into the crust, provides the flavor needed. If you want to really include the Renaissance idea to another level, add some finely chopped nuts, walnuts would be perfect, into the crust as well. Keep in mind, this pie has only one crust, the bottom, and the excess over-hangs and is folded on top to make a thick border around.

This comfort-filled menu should be one that supplies you with a much-needed hug that this fall weather leaves us feeling. Now, if our Chicago Bears would only bring home a win, can we comfort them, rather than confront