Bears vs Packers: Inside the Matchups

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Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Bears Passing Offense (11th, 251.1 YPG) vs Packers Pass Defense (9th, 225.8 YPG)

Here’s where things get sticky.  On the surface, this matchup would seem to be a lot closer than the numbers really indicate.  The Bears have a decent passing offense.  It’s far from elite, which is what most of us expected.  The biggest problem they face is the turnovers.  They need to take care of the ball.  Let me correct myself, Jay Cutler needs to take care of the ball.  The Bears moved the ball well against the Packers throughout a better chunk of the last matchup,  The problem was that Cutler coughed the ball up.  Cut down on the turnovers and you’ve got a shot.

Advantage: Packers