Breaking Down All of Jay Cutler’s Interceptions vs the Packers

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Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


I am far from a coverage expert and didn’t have access to the coach’s film on these picks, so I just did a very crude analysis of the coverage that Cutler was throwing into:

  • 9 were thrown into double coverage
  • 9 were thrown into single coverage

It’s interesting that half of the picks were thrown into what I’d call single coverage.  One was picked by a DT, which I guess might count for 1.5 coverage.  There were a couple of instances were I could barely recognize the coverage because a Bears receiver was barely in the frame.  Some of the picks were straight up miscommunication.  A lot of the picks appeared to be the receiver just not fighting for the ball.  I didn’t count, but several were in Johnny Knox’s direction.