The Jay Cutler Excuses Need to Stop.

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Oct 26, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) passes during the second half of New England

I know his numbers are better this season and whatnot, but his play has not been, especially in recent weeks. He was dead against Miami, New England, and Green Bay. He has not scored a meaningful touchdown since the first half of the New England game. He cannot play with any degree of success against his rival. This is not what you want on the resume of a franchise quarterback. This is the type of play I would expect out of Jonathan Quinn, Cade McNown, or Caleb Hanie. But we are seeing this from the great Jay Cutler. The quarterback with tons of weapons and a decent offensive line. He still holds the ball too long and forces throws. And after this season, I finally see his incompetence. I wonder what is going to take all his fan boys so long to get to that point.

I am not excusing the defense. It is just as awful, if not worse. However, they at least were supposed to be mediocre. The offense is designed to take pressure off the subpar defense. It is supposed to be an explosive offense, as it is stacked with pro bowl players. But it has only scored two meaningful touchdowns in the past three games. And it starts with the coaching and the quarterback.

Jay Cutler is not going to get the job done. He has proven incompetence and streakiness. At this point, with the season out of hand, I would bench him and at least see what Jimmy Clausen can do. The former early round draft pick from Notre Dame never really had a fair chance in Carolina thanks to Cam Newton. Maybe he can be successful. It’s worth a shot in a season this bad.