No Changes for Chicago Bears After Another Embarrassing Loss


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As if the 55-14 prime time embarrassment at the hands of the hated Green Bay Packers wasn’t bad enough, Monday’s press conference left Chicago Bears fans wanting more.  A lot more.  It was like salt in the wound when Marc Trestman showed up at the dais rather than George McCaskey announcing that the Bears would be cleaning house.  At a minimum, Bears fans wanted Mel Tucker to be sacrificed to the football gods.  Instead, we got a business as usual, “we need to watch the tape” BS press conference from a lame duck head coach.

When asked, Trestman stands by his coaching staff and assures us that no changes will be made:

"“Right now I stand by these guys and the job they’re doing,” Trestman said. “I really believe in them. I see that every day in their work ethic and the football intellect that these guys have and the way they relate to the players on a daily basis, and I stand by that.“I’ve been around a lot of coaches over the years. I know guys that do it for the right reasons, that are great educators and teachers, and are demanding, which our coaches are. They’re extremely demanding on the field and in the classroom. I think we’ve got excellent coaches here.”"

Make no mistake about it, the Marc Trestman era ended on November 9th, 2014.  The rest of this is just window dressing.  It looks like he’ll stick around another week, maybe another season, but he’s here in name only.  It’s clear to even the most casual observer that Trestman has lost the team.  Every minute that he continues the farce of being the Chicago Bears head coach, the more time is wasted learning what you might actually have on this roster.  The more time you’ve wasted trying to recruit your next head coach.

Trestman was asked if there would be any personnel changes, specifically related to Jay Cutler.

"“Certainly, we know that Jay’s not comfortable with the way he played yesterday,” Trestman said Monday. “No doubt about it. And I think it’s on an individual basis. I think that we all have to do better. And I say that — I know it starts with the quarterback. It always does. But there are a lot of things that have to get done before something like that would be a consideration.”"

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Marc Trestman talks about accountability, but what does he really mean?  My three year old says “sorry” every time she smacks her big brother on the head.  Then she bops him on the head 5 minutes later.   Is she accountable?  Jay Cutler chucks the ball around the field like he’s passing beers out of a cooler at a frat party then stands in front of the team and “takes responsibility.”  Jay’s not comfortable with the way he played?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!  How is he being held accountable?  Sit his ass down for a game or at least a half.  Make a clear statement to the team that no one, not even the highest paid player on the team, is beyond reproach.   Nah, that might hurt someone’s feelings.

In the meantime, let’s all review the practice tape and try to figure out why our shitty offense can move the ball on our shitty defense inside the bubble at Halas Hall and figure out why they can’t do that on Sundays.  Let’s figure out from the practice film why the defense can be playing three different coverages on the same play in Week 10!  I’m sure it’s all on the tape.  It always is, right coach?

We heard the same speech after the upset loss to the Dolphins.  We heard the same thing after the Patriots pantsed them in New England before the bye.  God forbid, they make players reschedule a vacation and put their asses to work over the bye week.  No, don’t inconvenience a bunch of pampered millionaires and make them pay re-booking fees for their plane tickets.  Send them off with “homework.”  What. A Joke.

If Trestman really believes what he’s saying than he’s either insane or an idiot.  I’m not sure which I’d rather have be true.

What do you think?  Were you surprised that no one’s head rolled for this latest debacle?