Chicago Bears making you drink menu

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From Food Network by Ingrid Hoffmann

I found inspiration from a typical Viking feast that includes the following dishes: eggs in mustard sauce or brine, pea soup with bacon, salted ox tongue with horseradish and walnut bread. Instead of eating the typical food of porridge, gruel and a cabbage soup, to get into the spirit of this game, let’s try a modern, American approach on this centuries old cuisine.

Caramelized salmon deviled eggs

Since a starter dish for a Viking menu includes eggs, I figured let’s find a deviled egg recipe that included a filling that incorporated a fish, like salmon, that is easily found in Scandinavia.

From Cooking Channel TV by Sunny Anderson

Split pea soup

This soup, which could be served along side the sandwich and salad, is one of those hearty, winter bowls that warms a person up upon the first spoonful.

Roast beef sandwiches with cilantro horseradish

Tortellini salad

Viking would not be able to call himself or herself one with out some sort of meat main dish, but I think ox tongue is taking the meat idea to a totally different level, one that I am uncomfortable with. So to simplify the process, and for ease of a tailgate, what could be better than roast beef sandwiches? On the side, try this fresh herb tortellini salad

From Cooking Channel TV

Walnut and coffee cake

To finish, this walnut and coffee cake complements the idea of walnut bread, but more of a dessert.

This menu should unify your home team; I just wish it would help ours.