Chicago Bears Week 11 All-22 Film Session: Brandon Marshall TD, Ryan Mundy Int

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Ryan Mundy Interception in End Zone

Game situation: 2nd down and 3 at the Bears 29 yard line (4th Quarter >1:00 min left)

Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs)

Defense: Cover 2

Offensive scheme: 3 Verticals

On the Vikings final drive, Bridgewater completed 3 straight passes to set the offense up within striking distance just outside the red zone. With Bridgewater in the shotgun, the Vikings spread the field vertically sending three receivers deep. The Bears defense counters with a base Cover 2 to keep everything in front of the deep safeties.

This play is very similar to the 40 yard touchdown catch by Jordy Nelson last week when Ryan Mundy cheated inside on the vertical up the seam. This time, you see Mundy stay square and split the two vertical routes on the play.

Mundy then breaks on the throw and benefits from Bridgewater putting a lot of air under the ball on the throw. He steps in front of the Vikings receiver (Johnson) and can secure the interception as well as the Bears victory.