Jay Cutler Trade Rumors: Top 5 Potential Trade Partners

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Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

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Let the Jay Cutler trade rumors begin!  After a shaky start to the first season of his sorta 7-year contract extension, the villagers are gathering with torches.   Despite Sunday’s 21-13 win, Cutler still added to his league leading turnover lead with another pair of picks and a fumble that should have been picked up if the Vikings weren’t asleep at the wheel.  In Year 2 of the Marc Trestman Experience, Cutler is breaking the quarterback whisperer.

Normally I don’t like to speculate on trade rumors, but on Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter explored the possibility of the Chicago Bears trading Cutler after this season.

"Cutler’s $15.5 million salary for next season is guaranteed, based on a review of the deal, but there might be another team willing to take it on, relieving the Bears if the team made the decision to try to trade him. And based on talks with a handful of teams around the league, there would be interest in Cutler, according to multiple league sources."

If the Bears want to make major changes, there’s nothing more major than dumping Cutler.  Let’s face it, when Schefter speaks, people listen.  He usually has a pretty good sense for the pulse of the league. If he says there are teams that would be interested, you’ve got to think there are a few.

Honorable Mention:Buffalo Bills

The Bills have invested big time in wide receiver Sammy Watkins and they need someone to deliver him the ball.  2013 draft pick EJ Manuel has been a disappointment, benched in favor of near-retiree Kyle Orton.  Orton was involved in the first Jay Cutler trade, so wouldn’t it be funny if his team was involved in another Cutler deal?