Tequila or rum?: Chicago Bears vs the Buccaneers tailgating menu

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From Food Network by Guy Fieri

Since our boys are starting what could be a rebounding trend, now coming off a win against the Vikings, I’m sure most of us are still approaching our Bears with caution. With last week’s post focusing on drinks every quarter, I thought since our boys are at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, let’s cook with two drink spirits known to lift the spirits of many a consumer and even a pirate – tequila and rum. Think of this week’s tailgating menu like a choose-your-own-adventure: tequila or rum, or perhaps both, as the Chicago Bears vs the Buccaneers.

Using tequila

From Food Network by Guy Fieri

Appetizer: Tequila lime wings

This is one of three Guy Fieri’s dishes that are perfect for tailgating; he’s even included at home and at the game directions. These wings are coated in a lime and tequila, obviously, but are given a hit of sweetness from agave syrup and a hit of a smoky heat with adobo sauce.

Main: Chicken Tequila tailgate sandwiches

These sandwiches couldn’t get any easier. Get a few pieces of foil and layer in red onion, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, rotisserie chicken, garlic, cilantro, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, lime juice, and don’t forget, tequila. Pop this on top of the grill and place the filling into a roll. Trust me, this one is awesomely simple.

From Food Network by Guy Fieri

Dessert: Tequila bars

To round out the tequila menu, a vanilla wafer crust is topped with lime juice and tequila filling. Think of this one as a funked out lemon bar, Guy Fieri style.