Bears vs Bucs: Top 5 Matchups to Watch

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1. Marc Trestman vs Lovie Smith

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  • This is going to be the most talked about matchup on Sunday.  If the Bears were 6-4 rather than 4-6, this wouldn’t be the case.  But since the Bears are struggling, the torch-bearing mob is gathered outside Soldier Field waiting to go after the struggling second year coach.  If Lovie Smith beat the Bears on Sunday, Chicago fans might break the internet.

    If you forget the history and the records, this is a classic matchup.  It’s an offensive “guru” versus a defensive-minded head coach.  In some alternate universe, these two coaches might have been good for each other.  On Sunday, they’ll just have to settle who’s better with the teams on the field.

    In my estimation, whoever has his team better prepared to play is going to win.  That makes me really nervous based on the preparation I’ve seen lately by the Bears.  Lovie will have his team ready to play.  He’s got a point to prove on Sunday.  Then again, Trestman may be playing for his job.

    What do you think?  Which matchup will you be watching?