Bears vs Bucs: Week 12 Staff Picks

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It’s Bears vs Bucs in Week 12’s matchup, otherwise known as the Lovie Bowl.  It’s kind of ironic that pundits are calling it the Lovie Bowl since Lovie Smith got fired for not getting to enough Super Bowls or even playoff games for that matter.  But the 4-6 Bears and 2-8 Bucs will take the field with Lovie Smith on the opposing sideline as head man for the first time ever.  Running the show for Lovie’s offense will be another Chicago darling, quarterback Josh McCown.  If Lovie and McCown beat Trestman and Cutler, the angry villagers might burn Soldier Field to the ground.

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After taking a couple of weeks off to regroup, we’ve asked our staff writers to sharpen their pencils and try to improve on what was an awful first half of trying to pick Bears games.  What does our staff think about this game?  Let’s have a look.

Boomer (4-4)

It’s going to be a sloppy one at Soldier Field with the forecast calling for heavy rain on Sunday afternoon.  That means the running games of these two teams will be the focal point.  I like the Bears running game more than the Bucs.  No one will be carrying Lovie out of Soldier Field.

Bears 21 – Bucs 13

Mike Flannery (3-4)

The Bears balance a heavy dose of Matt Forte with a handful of deep passes to Marshall and Jeffrey and barely outscore former Bears QB Josh McCown and the Bucs.

Bears 30 – Bucs 27