Chicago Bears Fan’s Take on Win Over Bucs


Nov 23, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith (right) hugs Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) after the game at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun.

The first half was one of the most boring first halves I’ve ever seen. Our defense did enough to keep them from scoring too much. Thank God.

Our offense did very little. Every time I thought we’d be able to punch it in, nothing. Well for sure Robbie Gould won’t miss this field goal…….

Annnnnnnnd it bounces of the uprights.

Seeing Lovie Smith in Soldier Field brought up mixed feelings, I remembered the good, I remembered the bad. I’m not even sure how I feel about him.

I guess I look at his tenure as the Chicago Bears coach as being like a nine-year long kama sutra session, without the happy ending.

Not sure how I feel abooot Trestman either.

Do you see what I did there? He coached in Canada………

The half came and my wings were ready. Man, they were good. I think they were the best ever. Breaded and fried in a turkey fryer that I got for my first Father’s day.

Today is my birthday so I needed a win. I was looking in on other NFC North games in between. Lions were going to lose to the Patriots, but the real surprise was the Vikings giving the Pack a hard time.

But, first things first, we need to win our game.

My prayers were answered with some takeaways, and some touchdowns.

Our D looked like Chicago Bears defense. I loved it. The second half woke up our offense too. Also, any fans that might have been asleep in the stands.

I got into it and it was like someone fibrillated me.

The Lions did end up losing their game but the stupid Packers won against the Vikings, god I hate them. More than bad tippers and having to beg for it from my wife.

I’m in trouble now, I started to look at the playoff picture. I even tuned in to watch the Skins at 49ers, rooting for the Skins. No dice.

Anyway, I hope for the Chicago Bears to keep winning and a little help from some other teams. I sincerely do believe we have a chance at winning all of our games, if our defense can get it done like today, and our offense doesn’t make bad mistakes.

I will be watching the Thanksgiving game with one of the greatest Chicago Bears fans I know, and good friend Doug Hatch. His mother will be cooking some of the best food ever, and I will be surrounded by Bears fans. As an out-of-market guy, I don’t get that very often.

The reason I will see him is that Doug is getting married Saturday to a beautiful woman named Laura, and I wish him a happy and joyous life.

It really touched my heart when he told me that he picked this date because of the Bears schedule and not wanting to miss a game. He will be watching the Cowboys game while on his honeymoon in Aruba, (where I had mine.)

This kid has his priorities straight.

Soon, he will also know what it’s like to beg for it as well.