Chicago Bears Pancake Logo is an Amazing Breakfast Tradition


You’re not going to believe what you’re about to see.  The FanSided network enlisted the help of the super-talented illustrator and professional dad Nathan Shields to create all the NFL team logos as pancakes.

These aren’t the Mickey Mouse pancakes that you order your kids for breakfast at the local diner that have a maraschino cherries for the eyes and an orange wedge for the mouth.  No, Nathan creates his pancake art using a couple of different batters in squeeze bottles and his talent.

When I first heard about this project, I thought he’d just make the classic Chicago Bears “C” logo.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that he made the alternate Bears head as the Chicago Bears pancake logo.  Enough talking about it, let’s see the man at work:

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Pretty amazing, right?  How cool would it be to have your Thanksgiving brunch and bust out a Chicago Bears pancake logo?  What a great treat to add to your next tailgating party?

I haven’t have a chance to see all of the videos for how these get made, but I have seen the finished products for all the NFL teams.  They’re all ridiculous.  Be sure to check out the NFC North pancake logos and vote on the best one – the Bears of course.

Besides the work Nathan did for FanSided, he’s created a TON of different pancake art.  Go check out his website to see some of his work.   Good luck not spending an hour or two marveling at his work.  That’s alright, it’s a holiday week after all.

Have fun and good luck trying to reproduce some of these yourself.