Thanksgiving: Chicago Bears Game-On!

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From Food Network by Ina Garten

From Food and Wine Magazine


Wild rice and goat cheese dressing

Cornbread dressing

Sweet potato casserole

Mashed potatoes

Green bean mushroom casserole

Parker house rolls

Cranberry sauce two-ways: jelled from a can and fresh

From Food Network by Alex Guarnaschelli

If you ask anyone, it’s the sides that everyone is after and that everyone talks about. These are some classic side dishes that you cannot go wrong. I do plan on adding sausage to the cornbread stuffing recipe. Yes, I do make both sweet potatoes and regular white potatoes each Thanksgiving.  I do so to please both tastes. These parker house rolls are the best and are super easy to make it would be a sin if you bought a frozen or refrigerated kind to serve. These rolls are mandatory at my table; a riot would break out if I did not make them.


Apple-cherry crumble bars

French silk pie

Sweet potato streusel pie

Pumpkin banana mouse tart

From Food Network

Dessert has the same vibe as the sides; I make a little bit of everything to please everybody. The one dessert that is mandatory is the pumpkin-banana mousse tart; you will never make another pumpkin pie again, I promise. I am adapting the crumble bars to use fresh Granny Smith apples instead of dried and dried cranberries for the cherries.


Everyone anticipates, expects and even appreciates leftovers, but if you become tried of the same old dish served the previous day, don’t worry. If you would like to do something different with your leftovers, here are some breakfast ideas and main dish ideas to try.

Please celebrate and enjoy your Thanksgiving traditions. I hope you spend some time watching our Chicago Bears with your guests. One final suggestion is to invite a non-family member over if you are worried about some relatives not behaving themselves. But I do realize that some of us have those relatives who never behave regardless of who is around, so what can you do? I know…enjoy your Thanksgiving. Cheers!