Bears vs Lions Predictions: Week 13 Staff Picks

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Robert Napier (5-6)

I am thankful for my families health, and don’t look now, but Jay Cutler hasn’t been injured this season. I will be watching this one with a sleuth of Chicago Bear fans. The Bears have the talent to win this game. Will they? Who knows. Marc Trestman is even more stubborn than Mike Martz. Forte. Forte. Forte. If they use him early and often and our defense shows up, we win. Plain and simple. I hope the team watched the Lions/ Patriots game. Hey, why shouldn’t we win on Thanksgiving? Bears like large gatherings of people eating.

Bears 24 – Lions 17

Whitney (5-6)   

I am most thankful for Matt Forte, he has been the Bears total offense. He is not the most outspoken but he is still a leader with his on the field production. I’m also thankful for other Bears fans, it’s been a tough season  but we still cheer our team on. I wish I could say that the Bears will win three games in a row but it’s not likely. They have struggled offensively against mediocre defenses, so the Lions will be too much to handle. The Lions defense will cause a lot of trouble for Cutler.

Bears 17 Lions 27

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Coach Boss (3-4)

The thing I am most thankful and grateful for is the new Bears fan who will be joining our family in a few weeks, and his mother who is willing to put up with a Bears fanatic. As for the team: I am grateful this season is not over yet and that the Bears still have a chance to right the ship. I know a lot of fans want to blow the team up (both figuratively and literally) but there is fight in this team. Once the offense clicks (and it will click) you will see a completely different team. I am also thankful some of the young guys are getting a chance to play and get valuable reps.

Now, on to the game; I see a back and forth contest where once again the Bears start off slowly but start to pick it up before halftime. The Bears finally break the 28 point mark for the first time since week 2.

Bears 34 – Lions 24


I am actually thankful that season is almost over because watching this offense continues to give me headaches. But to put a positive spin for the holiday season, I am thankful that Matt Forte continues to play well even if his opportunities have been limited.

The Bears have won two in a row for the first time in more than two months while the Lions are coming off an abysmal outing against the Patriots. The Lions are 1-9 in their last 10 games on turkey day, and although that should favor the Bears to some extent, look for the Lions to come out on top.

Lions 28, Bears 17

Ricardo (1-0)

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful Phil Emery paid Jay Cutler instead of signing Josh McCown. Even though Cutler leads the league in turnovers, theres nothing i’d want to see less than Mccown in a Bears jersey, especially after Sunday. As for the Thanksgiving game vs the Lions, I see a low scoring final score. Detroit will use a stout defense to thwart an underperforming Bears offense.

Bears 13 – Lions 17