Chicago Bears Week 13 Film Session: Calvin Johnson TDs

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Calvin Johnson 6 yard TD catch

Game situation: 1st down and Goal at the Bears 6 yard line (2nd Quarter 0:28 left)

Personnel: 11 (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs)

Defense: Cover 0

Offensive scheme: Fade

With the clock running down in the first half, the Lions quickly get in to the red zone and Stafford looks for his favorite target, Calvin Johnson. Out of the shotgun again, Johnson is split wide left this time and runs a Fade route. The Bears defense gets aggressive, blitzing two defenders for a six man rush and plays 1-on-1 on the Lions receivers.

This leaves K. Fuller with no help against Johnson on the outside. This is a timing route, so Stafford releases the ball while Johnson is breaking to the back pylon. K. Fuller puts himself in a bad position by allowing Johnson to release outside and stack on top of him.

Stafford puts great touch on the ball as it sails over the defenders head and Johnson has plenty of room to establish two feet on the ground while making the catch.