Bears vs Cowboys: Week 14 Expert Predictions

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Mike Praser (5-7)

The Bears are just not good enough to beat anyone and the Cowboys are going to run the ball. They are going to run the ball, eat the clock and score points. Cutler will throw interceptions and the Cowboys will be undefeated on the road.

Cowboys 24 – Bears 10

Mike Curcio (5-6)

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The Bears’ front seven has their hands full with the talented Cowboy offensive line as well as dynamic running back, DeMarco Murray – who they had trouble with last year. The secondary of the Bears will continue to be shredded like paper mache as I have yet to see a group of DBs more confused in my 30+ years of watching this team. I think that the Bear defense holds up Murray to a respectable number as the front 4 has played better, but I see no signs of any progress in that defensive backfield which could turn this into a big day for WR Dez Bryant.

Cowboys 27, Bears 21

Alex (3-6)

Back-to-back Thursday Night games for the Monsters of the Midway as they continue to try to salvage a disappointing 2014. Though the (8-4) Cowboys are favorites heading in, the Bears have beaten them in three straight games and should again play them tough tomorrow. Keep in mind, the Cowboys have finished the season (8-8) for the past three years in a row.

Bears 30, Cowboys 24

Brennan (5-6)

The Cowboys are a good football team. The Bears have given me no reason to think they’re capable of beating anyone good. So, I can’t see the Bears pulling this one out. I unfortunately see Dez beating Kyle Fuller in this vital positional battle.

Bears 21, Cowboys 31