Bears vs Cowboys: Week 14 Expert Predictions

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Elijah (5-5)

The Cowboys beat the Bears for the first time in a long time. Tony Romo will have an eternity to throw. Offensively, the Bears will probably do that screen thing over and over until they absolutely have to throw it down the field, which they won’t do.

Cowboys 34 Bears 20

Keith Schultz (2-8)

I can’t believe how poor my picks have been and how poor the Bears offense has become.  The Cowboys need the win and the Bears are already in pack it in mode so this game could get ugly quick especially if Romo gets it going.  I had this as a win for the Bears before the season due to recent history but I can’t make that pick now.

Cowboys 33, Bears 13

Kim Praser (5-7)

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With the match-up, I’m not sure which way to go. But, if there’s one aspect of football that this Bears’ team may bring, it’s disappointment. I just hope this game won’t be a record-setting one for the Cowboys.

Bears 17 – Cowboys 31

Robert Napier (5-7)

Well, as dedicated to the Chicago Bears I am, I’m actually starting to ponder picking against them. Not. I’m going down with the ship. The Bears are single-handedly going to kill the Cowboys playoff aspirations on TNF, at least for the time being. Don’t worry though, Trestman’s seat won’t get much cooler. Our players can get a little confidence back, and start proving their worth for next season. Is it here yet?

Bears 31 – Cowboys 17