Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys Talking Smack with The Landry Hat

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Nov 17, 2013; Austin, TX, USA; Formula One driver Mark Webber (2) sprays some Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders after placing third at the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, the Cubs just hired Joe Madden. They are winning the World Series next year. I do miss having the Huston Astros in the National League Central. At least they used to occupy last place. Now the Cubs get to have those honors. You are an Astros fan, right? I mean, Huston, Dallas, what’s the difference? Rangers fan? How did the Rangers do last year?  Moving on…

The Bears have zero chance of making the playoffs this year. So I guess the Cowboys have a negative chance at making the playoffs this year. The Cowboys can still make the playoffs and to be honest, I think they will this year. They have a team that is good enough for the playoffs, at least based on performance of the games that I have watched. If you don’t count Thanksgiving. The Bears on the other hand have all the horses, it just seems like they have nobody to ride them. The coaching staff in Chicago is lame, especially on defense. If the Bears don’t fire everyone next year, then they don’t see what I see. Back to the Cowboys. Why do you think the Cowboys won’t make the playoffs this year? They still play the Eagles again, and Washington is a mess. Plus the Giants, ha!

"I grew up in Dallas-Ft.Worth, making me a Texas Rangers fan, yet I believe that baseball is America’s “past” time, so it doesn’t really matter. However, I must point out that Texas went to back-to-back World Series just a few years back, losing both. The Cubs won back-to-back championships when … wait for it … Teddy Roosevelt was President, over a century ago. Weren’t the Cubs also called the Orphans at one time? Moving on, if you think that the Cowboys have a good chance to reach the postseason, you simply haven’t seen enough of this team in December since Bill Clinton, since we’re including former Presidents. America’s Team hasn’t even been to the playoffs since 2009. Oh, and our Texas boy Colt McCoy, presumably the Washington Redskins starting quarterback in the coming regular season finale in D.C. has already beaten Dallas. You saw what the Bears did to Dallas last year, right?  Yep. That was in December too!"

Yeah, let’s just agree that baseball is boring and move on to our crappy, under performing football teams.

It is true that Colt McCoy has already beaten Dallas, but I do recall that Tony Romo had a back contusion in that game. I just can’t believe that you are giving up on a Cowboys team that can still win. I gave up hope for the Bears when they lost to the Patriots and Packers by more than 50 points. That was just a pathetic performance by the Bears defense. I don’t think you will see a repeat performance of what the Bears did last year. They can’t move the ball on offense at all. I just don’t understand how the Bears can go from a #2 scoring offense last year to a pitiful display of garbage this year. Jay Cutler has turned the ball over too much this year, and the Bears defense is  just not any good. It’s funny, I want to talk smack about the Cowboys, but I just can’t because I believe they are a much better team than the Bears. So what do you think of Tony Romo’s performance so far this year?