Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys Talking Smack with The Landry Hat

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"Nov 27, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during a timeout from the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium. The Eagles beat the Cowboys 33-10. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports Can’t believe I would give up on Dallas so quickly? Well, look at your own Bears and let’s just examine the tight end position, for example. Dallas has tried for years and with multiple second-round selections to add another dynamic tight end to add to Jason Witten. Right now, that guy is Gavin Escobar, but before that it Chicago’s own Martellus Bennett. Bennett’s having a career year and was virtually invisible in Dallas for four years. The Garrett influence on offense is just plain bad, especially in the biggest of games, most of which have happened in regular season finales simply because the Cowboys can’t even get into the postseason to begin with. Simply put, yards don’t win games, points do. Without Tony Romo, easily the third best quarterback in franchise history, and that’s really saying something, Dallas would be eyeballing a top-five selection in next spring’s NFL Draft, period. That back injury is the entire point, and it’s been made in previous years as well. You talk about Cutler and the offense, yet the Bears haven’t recovered from missing the prime years of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. They probably should have kept Henry Melton around. Well, Dallas effectively wasted the presence of franchise sack leader DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Jay Ratliff, the last of which was never even played at the right position. Yes, we both seem to get that offense can win games, but defense, especially in December, positions you for championships."

The funny thing is Lance Briggs was still on the team the last two  seasons. The Bears  will not be missing him too much not  that he is on IR, and  he won’t be back next year. Hopefully that goes for the  entire coaching staff, but I  already mentioned my thoughts  on that. Truth be told, the Bears haven’t recovered from losing Brian Urlacher.  I wasn’t convinced that Brian Urlacher was  the rock that  held the defense together, until last year  that is. Brian  Urlacher was a special kind of football  player. A true  leader, one who would make the players  around him play even  better, including Lance Briggs. Without Urlacher, the  defense has fallen apart. More  reason to be a first ballot  hall of famer in my opinion,  but we will cross that bridge  when we get there. As for  Henry Melton, he is Rod  Marinelli’s project. I would  much rather have Jeremiah  Ratliff than Henry Melton. Too  bad Ratliff can’t stay on  the field for 16 games. He  is getting old.

So do you feel that the Cowboys should hire a real General Manager? They can have  ours if they want.

"How funny is it that this conversation is  turning into a “trash-talking” debate over  who’s team is worse. Dangit, mine’s worse! If you want to talk general mangers, consider these stark facts: Chicago G.M. Phil Emery is only in his third season with the Bears. This is a little early to be shipping everybody off,  don’t you think? Further, Emery at least has extensive experience in the business of football. He’s been a director of scouting and has actually worked  in the NFL since 1998. This is what you call “working  your way up” in a giving industry, just like I did in  the radio business … except football sure pays better! Jerry Jones dug a hole and won the lottery big time. Still not satisfied with being a  certified billionaire, he bought a decaying Dallas franchise  for pennies on the dollar, fired his first two-time Super  Bowl winning head coach and appointed himself general  manager. Then, he hired a guy named Jimmy Johnson, a  coincidental room mate when the two played college football  at Arkansas. Jones then fired Johnson on the heels of a  second consecutive Super Bowl win, a franchise first, before  hiring a college football reject from University of Oklahoma  that used to be an arch-rival of Johnson’s when he was  still head coach at Oklahoma State. Since Johnson’s roster was effectively eroded by 1997, Dallas has just one playoff win. You still think things are that bad up in Chi-Town? Be honest!"