Cowboys Beat Bears 41-28: The Morning After


Dec 4, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle (21) scores a touchdown past Chicago Bears outside linebacker Shea McClellin (50) and strong safety Ryan Mundy (21) during the second half at Soldier Field. Dallas won 41-28. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys crushed the Bears last night, sending them to 5-8 on the season. But, hey, we all saw it coming. The Bears haven’t given us any reason to believe that they are capable of beating a good football team.

I’m warning you, this is about to get rant-y. But, that’s why we do this, right?

I’ve gotten used to the blowouts, so this one wasn’t as bad. But, what has me truly concerned is the future of the organization. My fear is that at the end of the season, Mel Tucker will be made the sacrificial lamb, get fired, and that’s it. My fear is that the only coaching moves that’ll be made will be a change at defensive coordinator.

Does Marc Trestman need to be fired? Given this absolute disaster of a season, I would say yes. It’s not all his fault, there’s absolutely enough blame to go around. But, his screen-happy play calling is getting this team nowhere. Here’s a prime example: last night, when the Bears down 14-7, Trestman insisted on airing the ball out instead of letting Matt Forte chip away at the defense. It wasn’t until the Bears were getting walloped that he decided to utilize Forte. Didn’t Trestman JUST say the Bears needed to run the ball more? In his defense, he didn’t specify at what point in the game the Bears would be running the ball more, just that they needed to run the ball more.

I have to tell you, if I were a defensive coordinator, I’d love game-planning for this Bears offense. They’re so predictable, with their bubble screens and dig routes over the middle.

Do the Bears need to fire General Manger Phil Emery as well? I’m still on the fence about Emery remaining GM. He’s proven he has the ability to draft, and I think he deserves one more shot. If he stays, we can expect an active offseason, as Phil Emery knows that he won’t survive another season without a playoff berth.