Rapid Reaction: Bears-Cowboys


With a better offense, a better defense, and a team more inspired and ready to play on Thursday the Cowboys dominated Chicago from the very start. While it was nice to see some fight in the team for a change, as they outscored Dallas 21-6 in the fourth quarter, another loss at home puts Chicago at (2-4) in Soldier Field as the Bears continue to show they don’t belong among the NFL elite.

DeMarco Murray rushed for 179 yards, Tony Romo finished with a quarterback rating of 138.0, and the Bears two turnovers were enough to solidify another win for the Cowboys on-the-road (now 6-0). It’s hard to blame Cutler for this one after he threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, including one on the ground, but a game-ending interception further proved he doesn’t deserve to be the top paid quarterback in 2014.

Injury Update: After exiting Thursday’s game with a rib injury Brandon Marshall was immediately taken to the hospital and is reportedly in a significant amount of pain. Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious, but with the Bears out of the hunt his health must be the top priority.