Chicago Bears Week 14 All-22 Film Session: Cole Beasley and Joseph Randle TDs

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Joseph Randle 17 yard TD run

Game situation: 2nd down and 4 at the Bears 17 yard line (3rd Quarter 2:18 left)

Personnel: 12 (1 RB, 2 TEs, 2 WRs)

Defense: 4-3 Under

Offensive scheme: Zone stretch left

Up 28-7 and already in the red zone again, the Cowboys keep the ball on the ground for this play. With two tight-ends flexed off the line, they run a zone stretch to the left against the Bears 4-3 under alignment. The key to this play is how quickly the offensive guards flow to the linebackers, Bostic and Williams.

Without any defensive lineman occupying the offensive guards, the linebackers are quickly engaged and cannot fill against the run. Bostic and Williams are both sealed on the play, creating an alley for Joseph Randle. The deep safety, Vereen, is so far back that he is not in any position to come up and make the tackle.

Vereen finally emerges to fill the alley, but Randle sees him and jump cuts to the outside. Fuller gets sealed inside by Bryant’s block and Randle can race to the end zone for the touchdown.