Top 5 Reasons the Chicago Bears Won’t Trade Jay Cutler

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2.  Jimmy Clausen and David Fales

Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

It would be easy to speculate about a Jay Cutler trade if there was a rookie signal caller primed and ready to go.  It would be an interesting debate if the Bears had spent just one more dollar when they tendered Josh McCown back in 2013.  If they had kept McCown, this entire discussion could be going in a different direction.  They might not have even signed Cutler to the big contract extension if they had McCown under their control.

The Bears waited until the 6th round to draft a developmental quarterback when they selected David Fales.  Fales failed to show much of anything in camp and the preseason.  Fales was waived after the preseason only to be signed to the practice squad.  Do you see the Bears dumping Cutler and all his faults and hitching their wagon to either of these two?  Me neither.

Sure, the Bears will have a fairly high, maybe even top-10 draft pick.  But there are so many other holes to fill on defense, do you think the Bears will spend more money and a draft pick for another QB?