Aaron Kromer’s Tearful Apology to Jay Cutler


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the Bears couldn’t sink any lower, the depths of their organizational dysfunction reach new strata with the latest news that Aaron Kromer made a tearful apology to the Chicago Bears offense for criticizing Jay Cuter to Ian Rapoport, otherwise known as NFL Network.  Over the weekend, they reported that the Bears had serious buyer’s remorse over the Jay Cutler contract.

"Four sources told the Tribune that Kromer adamantly denied he said anything about the franchise having buyer’s remorse for Cutler’s blockbuster contract and assured players that portion of Sunday’s report on NFL Network did not come from him. With Cutler in the room, Kromer did admit however to being frustrated with the quarterback’s play management and expressing that to Ian Rapoport as he left Soldier Field on Dec. 4 after the fifth loss in seven games.Cutler shook his head during Kromer’s apology, one source said."

A lot of Bears fans have resigned themselves to the notion that Mel Tucker will be a scapegoat and the rest of the band, including Trestman and Kromer, will be back together in 2015.  After this latest revelation, I can’t see how you bring this group back together.  Last week, I talked about the root cause of the Bears problems being a lack of trust and this episode amplifies that point.

“I’m still kind of trying to sort my way through this to be honest,” one player said. “It’s one of the most (messed) up things I have ever seen.”

How can management bring Kromer and/or Cutler back?  Would Emery have Trestman fire Kromer and Tucker to bring in fresh coordinators?  What sense would that make?   While we’re at it, what sense does it make to bring back Emery, who orchestrated this joke?  While former Bears coaching candidate Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals just won their 11th game with their 4th quarterback this season , the Bears are left to sift through the ashes of another lost season.

In the meantime, here’s my message to Aaron Kromer, who shouldn’t have to apologize for telling the truth.