A Fan’s Take on the Chicago Bears loss to the Saints


Dec 15, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Kasim Edebali (91) pressures Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) in the first half of their game at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this sucks. I don’t have the final score yet but it is 24-0 Saints in the start of the fourth quarter.

An interesting thing just happened, not long after announcing Jon Gruden’s extension with ESPN, that keeps him on MNF through 2021, he said something I really liked. They were talking about the Aaron Kromer press leak incident and he said that it shouldn’t have happened. He said that everyone (coaching staff) needs to be onboard and support the guy, in this case Jay Cutler.

Not five minutes later, Jay threw another pick. Then Gruden said if he were Marc Trestman, he would see what he had in #2 QB, Jimmy Clausen.

Now that’s support.

We just scored and got a 2 point conversion.

24-8, Saints.

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Anyway, over this mini-bye week, I had a Big Ten Championship party. I am a new Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I bought a home in Marietta, OH and did not watch college football previously. My friends were Bucks, so when in Rome…….

What a blessing it has been. The reason I’m bringing this up is that our Chicago Bears are having their worst season since ’04. Before taking on CFB, all I had was the Bears and Blackhawks (playoffs only.) I can’t watch all those regular season hockey games. I’ll stick with just watching the 20 or so playoff games.

This season would have killed me as a Chicago Bears fan if I didn’t have a little something on the side.

That something on the side is kicking some serious butt, and made it into the first ever College Football Playoff.

Oh, pardon me, back to our underachieving team.

Yeah, but, that’s a good point to be made. Coaching. It’s not like our team lacks talent. The difference between our Beloved and the Buckeyes is that Ohio State has an excellent coach in Urban Meyer. He gets the best out of his players. Most importantly, they believe. They trust what he is doing and he trusts them to execute. They have survived adversity throughout the season and are as motivated as can be for a group of men that earn 0$.

Final score Saints 31, Bears 15

I’m sure the players on the Chicago Bears are hurting more than us fans. After playing their whole life, honing their skills, going to college on a scholarship, they finally made it into the NFL. Getting paid to do something they love. Living the dream.

I’m sure these rookies didn’t expect to be getting booed at a Nationally televised home game. On a losing team that looks to have given up. I’m sure that wasn’t what they had in mind while they were sweating it out during grass drills.

Maybe tonight was the rookie’s night that they had flown their Mom into Chicago so she could attend the game.

Don’t worry, she’s still proud of you.

Thank God for Moms everywhere.

P.S. Is it Jan 1st yet? Tip for Bama fans:

“Roll in the Tide, but use OxiClean for those really tough stains.”

                                                                                        – Rob Noxious