I’m Embarrassed to be a Chicago Bears Fan

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Nov 27, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; General view of a Chicago Bears helmet on the sidelines against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of Chicago Bears fans who put a lot of energy into this organization.  I am here to tell you that I’m near the top of the list.  I couldn’t tell you how many arguments I’ve gotten into with my wife related to watching a Bears game or maintaining this Chicago Bears blog.  I couldn’t tell you how many hours a year I pour myself into this team.  I can safely estimate that I spend 500 hours a year on this team when you look at all of the hours managing and editing the site, watching games, reading articles, doing research and enveloping myself in all things Chicago Bears.  I can’t help but feel it’s all been in vain; that it’s been a colossal waste of time.

I started writing this site a couple of months before my son was born back in December of 2008.  He’s almost 6 now and the Bears have made exactly ONE playoff appearance in his lifetime.  Since he’s been born, Jay Cutler arrived, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith exited and Marc Trestman and Phil Emery have arrived to mess the bed.  They’ve turned this once proud franchise into a laughingstock.  I’ve been a die hard Chicago Bears fan since the mid-80’s and what do I have to show for it?  One Super Bowl title and another trip back with a few division titles sprinkled in.  One championship every half century isn’t good enough!  One trip to the playoffs every decade is pathetic!  This is the Chicago freaking Bears!

Chicago used to be a Bears town; I’m not sure it is any more.  The Blackhawks, who were once named one of the worst sports franchises, managed to turn their organ-I-zation around after the death of Bill Wirtz and now two Stanley Cups and several deep postseason runs later, they’re the gold standards for how to run your club.  When the old man died, it was like a series of dominoes fell into place to undo years of his old, stubborn ways to move the team into the 20th century.  I hate to think it will take Virginia McCaskey joining Papa Bear in the big gridiron in the sky to re-set the course, but maybe that’s what it will take for the Bears to shake years of running their football team like a mom and pop’s five and dime.

I’m going to watch the game tonight because I have to know what’s going on so I can write another meaningless “Rapid Reaction” and break down another failure.  The result of the game doesn’t matter, the Bears are going nowhere.  Maybe another 50-burger will make George McCaskey share in my shame and realize that change needs to come, no mater the cost.  The Bears are worth a couple of BILLION, what’s a few million to blow it up and start over.  Stop throwing good money after bad and move on.  Kromer, Tucker, DeCamillis, Trestman, even Emery need to go.  If we have to see any of those bozos on the sidelines next season, how can we avoid to feel the shame of 2014?  Take Cutler and Marshall with them and cut out all of the cancer.

I’m going to watch it because it’s what I do.  I’m not going to be venturing out to watch it in public, I’m too embarrassed.  I’ll be nestled safely on my couch and I’ll be tweeting along with the action.  Follow along and share in my shame.