Chicago Bears Week 15 All-22 Film Session: Jay Cutler Interceptions

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Dec 15, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) passes during the second half against the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field. New Orleans won 31-15. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears offense was once again lackluster in the first half, with Jay Cutler under constant pressure and getting dropped for 3 sacks and throwing 2 interceptions in just 30 minutes of play. Even ESPN’s Monday Night Football color commentator, Jon Gruden, called for Cutler’s benching in the second half of the game. As we learned yesterday, that is indeed the process moving forward as Jimmy Clausen will get the start this Sunday. Let’s take a look at the All-22 film and Jay Cutler’s inept play throughout the game.

On just the third play of the game, Cutler gets intercepted when the football bounces off Bennett’s hands and into the waiting arms of the CB, Robinson. The play is designed to stretch the defense vertically as Bennett, Jeffrey, and Wilson run about 10 yards deep try and find open holes in the zone defense. The Saints look to be using a Cover 3 shell to keep all of the Bears receivers in front of them. Bennett does find a soft spot in the zone as he settles down between the numbers and the hash. However, once again there is miscommunication between the receiver and the quarterback. Bennett pivots inside towards the numbers, but Cutler throws the football as if Bennett will open his hips towards the sideline. This causes Bennett to reach back and tip the ball into the air as he cannot corral the pass. Robinson gets an easy interception as the football falls right into his chest.

On Cutler’s second interception, it looked to be yet another miscommunication with the receiver, this time with Marquess Wilson. At the end of the first half, the Bears go deep trying to get into field goal range. Wilson runs a deep Corner route while Jeffrey runs a deep Over route to the vacated area behind Wilson. However, the Saints use a 2 deep shell and the right CB sits on Jeffrey’s route. Therefore, Cutler looks to Wilson alone against the Safety, Warren. Cutler throws the ball towards the sideline expecting Wilson to flatten his route on the break. Instead, Wilson continues vertically up the field. Warren plays it perfectly as he can see where Cutler is delivering the ball and is in perfect position for the interception. This interception is not solely on Cutler, but 15 weeks into the season and there continues to be constant miscommunication between the offense.