Someone Needs to Take Control of the Chicago Bears… Immediately


Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You know why you don’t keep a dead fish in your house?  Because it stinks up the whole place!  That’s what head-coach-for-now Marc Trestman’s continued presence with the Chicago Bears is becoming, a rotten fish stinking up Halas Hall.  The infighting and politics between Trestman and GM Phil Emery is sending the Bears down the wrong path and it needs to stop.  Someone needs to take control of the Chicago Bears… immediately.

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The merry go round that’s being played with the quarterback position is a joke.  Trestman wanted to prove that this whole season should be blamed on Jay Cutler, so he benched him and started Jimmy Clausen.  Clausen sparked the Bears offense to a whopping 14 points while guiding them on scoring drives of 11 and 65 yards.   Did Clausen look better than most of us expected?  Sure.  But that’s not saying much; my expectations were awfully low.  And don’t think that Trestman didn’t have plenty of input to the broadcast team at Fox, who threw Cutler under the bus throughout the broadcast on Sunday.

Now, with Clausen suffering from a concussion after a vicious helmet to helmet hit from Ziggy Ansah, Trestman has decided to mend fences and go back to Jay Cutler as the starter.  Why?  Because Jay gives the Bears the best chance to win on Sunday, of course.

Dec 21, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman during the first half against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

So what happens when the goal of the lame duck head coach is in direct opposition with the goal of the organization?  A clusterf**k, that’s what.  And that’s exactly what we have.  Trestman is auditioning to be the next Oakland Raiders quarterback coach or the Calgary Stampeders head coach or whatever middling position he can con his way into.  He doesn’t care about the Bears, he’s covering his ass and moving on to the next.

Phil Emery isn’t doing himself any favors in this whole situation.  It’s clear that the relationship between Emery and Trestman hit the point of no return when Aaron Kromer was identified as the leak in the NFL Network’s Jay Cutler story a few weeks back.  I believe that Emery wanted Kromer gone but Trestman refused.  Instead of demanding that Trestman fire Kromer, Emery did nothing.  He caved because, well, he’s a nice guy and you know how nice guys go about their business.

If I’m Emery, I walk into Trestman’s office bright and early on Tuesday morning and insist that David Fales start at quarterback on Sunday against the Vikings.  Does Fales give the Bears the best chance to win?  No.  Does Fales starting help the Bears start looking toward 2015?  Yes he does.  First, he lets the Bears know whether they have anything in their 6th round draft pick and also helps ensure they land the #7 pick in next year’s draft if they lose to the Vikings.

One could argue that last week, the Bears owed it to the league to give it 100% for the integrity of the game.  The Lions are in the midst of a playoff hunt and seeding for the NFC, so the ramifications of the game last Sunday were clear.  But against the Vikings this coming Sunday, there is no such impact.  It’s a battle for last place in the NFC North and an early preseason game of the 2015 season.  Trestman knows plenty about tanking those games rather than preparing important players for action.  Rookies and veterans on the bubble should be evaluated.

Whether or not anyone who’s currently in Halas Hall should be doing the evaluations is another story.  The only person that is assured of a seat when the music stops on December 29th is George McCaskey and it’s up to him to take control of this team.